As one of the largest general contractors in the world and ranked by Forbes on a continual basis, within the top 50 General Contactors, ABL & Associates Plumbing, LLC was very proud to receive this award from such an outstanding international company.

Our challenge was to build a plant that was larger than 1M square feet of production area, to include sanitary and storm waste, water and compressed air systems & clean room environments, that would serve the huge facility and that would be the new home for DELL Computers in the Eastern section of the United States.

As “time is of the essence” in all construction, the DELL plant had to be built from the ground up and the completion date was from the first shovel in the ground to the first laptop of the line was only six months.

This project was demanding on all levels. Shift work was used to meet tight scheduling needs. Since there was so little time for total engineering to be accomplished, ABL took on the responsibility designing and building some of the systems as the job proceeded to successful completion.

Projects of this size and demand are exactly what ABL looks for, because we have the experience and determination to make any schedule work and to produce the best product.

ABL & Associates Plumbing, LLC is very appreciative of Whiting Turner for this award and the privilege of being able to work with one of the largest and most respected leaders in our industry and in the world.