ABL was founded originally as a Plumbing Contractor in Syracuse, New York in 1977.

 Centrally located in the Finger Lakes Area of New York State, our company enjoyed the prosperity and beauty of that location until 1997.  Having grown to one of the largest Plumbing, HVAC and Fire Protection contractors, with a highly skilled group of superintendents and tradesmen and due to a major decline in construction work in the late 1990’s, ABL sought other areas with more work.  The Carolina’s immediately caught our attention, with it’s good, year around, working climate and undergoing a construction growth unrivaled by any other area of our country at that time.

 In 1997 we began in North Carolina by successfully bidding in the Charlotte area.  Within two years, ABL had fully established itself in North Carolina and moved its base of operations to Raleigh, where we now have our main offices, workshops and storage facilities.

 But like many great companies that begin with a dream to succeed, ABL actually started in the heart and mind of ABL’s President and Founder, Mr. Concetto “Tino” Lampuri.

As a skilled Master Plumber, who for many years had learned his trade in European countries where plumbing was first invented, Tino began ABL by working in the ditches of new shopping malls, schools and historic renovation projects.

 Before leaving Syracuse, ABL had grown into a Plumbing, HVAC and Fire Protection company that bid and completed complex projects for Syracuse and Cornell Universities, major projects for the Army Corp of Engineers at Ft.Drum, entire downtown historic districts of Syracuse like Armory Square and some of the largest indoor shopping malls in the Northeast.

 Today ABL & Associates Plumbing, LLC continues to grow and prosper by providing experience and expertise to every project it commits to.  We are dedicated to providing expert and quality Plumbing, HVAC and Fire Protection contracting for large commercial projects that include major universities, convention centers, large schools, hospitals and health centers, along with major renovation and restoration projects.

 As ABL’s endeavors to succeed have passed from year to year and from state to state.  The commitment to the future of ABL & Associates Plumbing, LLC and it customers in the Carolina’s also continues.  With a new generation of partners to carry on the tradition and commitment of our company, ABL & Associates Plumbing, LLC looks forward to serving your contracting requirements for Plumbing, HVAC and Fire Protection.