Although this may seem like one award, it is actually two distinct awards given by the Associated Building Constructors, ABC, on two different levels and after undergoing scrutiny and testing on two levels.

Rodger Hveem Sr. has been a “working” superintendent at ABL & Associates Plumbing, almost from it’s beginning, a total of over 34 years. Rodger has also been a Partner of ABL for the last 8 years.

Anyone who has ever worked with or for Rodger Hveem understands why he might win such an outstanding award as to be named the “best”, and we could go on praising his abilities as a plumber and a great mechanic, as well as a contributing Partner at ABL, but these awards speak for themselves. They say that he is the best in the country at what he does, and he is.

Rodger was applied for this award by one of his partners and he was not aware of it. In 2005, Mr. Hveem was very surprised to find out that he was chosen as the best Craft Professional of the Year, by the ABC – NC Division. This not only meant that he was the best craftsman in Plumbing in North Carolina, but that he was also chosen among other crafts as the best craftsman of all trades in North Carolina.

Mr. Hveem then had his resume submitted to the National Offices of ABC, to be included in the national competition for the 2006 Craft Professional of the Year. This required him to attend the ABC National Convention in Las Vegas and compete against all the other Craftsmen from other ABC Chapters from across the country and answer questions about his trade and his profession in front of a panel of judges comprised of construction, architectural and engineering professionals.

Rodger Hveem Sr. was voted, in an almost unanimous fashion as the ABC Craft Professional of the Year. This of course, meant that he was awarded a number of prizes along with the plaques, to include a new pickup truck, a few computers, a specially crafted bronze eagle statue and his picture and interview in the ABC Construction Magazine.

These awards are Lifetime Achievement Awards, that in the construction industry are a testament that does not come cheaply and is awarded to very few people.