This award has some special significance for ABL & Associates Plumbing at a few levels.

ABL found it easy enough to obtain a few projects when bidding on multiple prime construction projects. But the real challenge was to enter into the construction marketplace in Raleigh and also gain the confidence and respect to compete in a single prime environment. The LufkinRoadMiddle School gave us that opportunity, and that opportunity and trust was given to us by one of the oldest and most respected General Contractors in the Raleigh area, J.M. Thompson Company, who we are proud to say that we still work with 12 years later.

The Lufkin Road Middle School was a unique project for Wake County Schools because it actually was a manufacturing and office building owned by a company that decided to move and sell the building to the school district. Wake County Schools had never attempted to buy and reconvert such a building into a school, but the influx of so many children into the system at that time made it impossible to ignore trying this opportunity to increase their educational capacity. So they took a chance and decided it would only work if they could have the project completed in 5 months.

J.M. Thompson took on the challenge and ABL contracted to get the plumbing done. The end result was that the children had the new school ready for their use in the time it was scheduled and so badly needed.

Since then, ABL has completed the plumbing and/or heating for more than 30 school projects with the Wake and DurhamSchool Districts.